what and who is tramposito.com



1. Why are you blogging?

To return something of that I receive will travelling and mountaineering. I earn a lot from beeing on the move. Not seldomly I say that the mountains are my gym and my pschyco therapist. I want to show this world and share the experiences I made.


2. How did it happen to you, that your blogging?

It's hard to say. Since my mid twenties I like writing and taking photos. I am sure that I am not doing a perfect job in that. However over the years I developed my skills in photography and writing further.

During my studies I played around with doing websites and so I put things together basically in this blog here.


3. Isn't it sometimes a bit chaotic here?

Yes, probably. I consider myself to be a free character and like to do whatever comes across my mind. So this may lead to frequent changes in the style and also in the content I write about.

The mixture of languages may confuse. Basically I am writing all my mountaineering stories in german, as most of my friends are german native speakes. On the other hand I would like enable the people I meet while travelling to read my blog. So stories about travelling are mainly written in english.

4. What is the intension of the way you blog?

I want to tell stories, share experiences and visualize this with photos. In mountaineering it may help fellows to get impressions on routes and conditions, maybe inspire to tours. Similar it is for the journeys.

My aim is cerntainly not to wirte guiding literature here in the blog. All content is blogged in a personal view.



5. How do your tour partner think about the blog?

At a first glance it may be irritating to go on tour and photos of you are later found in the internet. However, as far as I am told, all my friends like to have their tours reported. In ten yours I was only asked once to remove a single pic, which of course I instandly did. My friends, whenever you feel disturbed please let me know.

There is a set of rules that I always apply when blogging:

- I always list only first names, so people here are not found with search engines
- I try not to post too personal pictures
- I never post picture that have a negative impression on people
- I always share the photos to my companions

6. What is the story with the name "tramposito.com"

When I first started blogging I did this under the domain "www.geschichten-vom-reisen.de" (stories of travelling). After some time mountaineering got more intensive in my live. Also I wanted to a have a more international feeling for the travelling side.

For a while I kept a separate blog "I-like-mountians.com" for my montainering activities. In the end it was too much  work for me to maintain two sides. So tramposito.com was born. The domain is kind of artificial origin. Basically the word "tramposito" is spanish and stands for "little cheater".

trampoito.com is finally the continuation of geschichten-vom-reisen.de and i-like-mountains.com. Consequently you may find these labels in the watermarks of the pictures. The older domains are discontinued.


7. Who is "tramposito.com"

The website actually is a private project. My name is Reiner Beck. Born in 1974 I grew up in southern Germany and now live in Ulm. I work as an engineer in sales of equipment for the production of electronics. When time allows I go mountaineering and travelling, collecting the material that is then blogged here.