peru is a land of culture and traditions. one of the best occassions to experience pre colonial culture is the yearly inti raymi festival.

crazy place

peru is also home to the ones that are different...different in many directions. hippie bus in cusco.

colonial architectur

peru offers many very well preserved treasures of colonial times


peruvian girls are stunningly beautyfull. here they smile for miss puerto maldonados 2013 competetion


perus amazonas areas are full of tropical rain forest that accomodates plenty of wildlife. capuchin monkey close to madre de dios river.

sincere character

perus people are special!


peaks to over 6000m range above the altiplano. here the el misti with an altitude of 5.822 m - right behind the city of arequipa.


peru is blessed with excellent painters and musicians!


amazonas basin, altiplano ranges, andean mountains, desserts at the coast, canyons: peru is so well equipped with impressive landscapes.

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