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Where am I?     What am I doing here?


 Relax, take a cup of coffee or a glass of red wine and enjoy!


 My name is Reiner and I am living in Germany. I love travelling, mountaineering, writing and taking photos. These are the
ingrediants for this website.



You feel it is a bit strange with the mixture of languagues and website adresses here?

Of course you are right, I will try to explain. German is my native language and therefore this is for me the first choice for writing. However I would like to give the people I meet during travelling the chance to read my stories. So I now write this more in English recently. Due to time reasons I can unfortunally not set up the site completely bilingually.


Historically I published under www.geschichten-vom-reisen.de (German for: stories from travelling). In order to take care of the two hearts beating in my chest I use the other domain names in order to represent the specilities. Tramposito is spanish and stands for little cheater, a fact that is related to my passion for latin amercia.

Interested to learn more of the site relaunch? read here